Frequently asked questions

Can I delete or retreat a prediction or reaction?

Yes. After publishing, you have 60 seconds to delete a new prediction – only then will it become permanent. If you wish to recant from a prediction afterwards, you can always make a retreat: Your prediction stays, but it will be anonymized, which means that it won’t appear under your username anymore.
Certainly you can also recant your approvals, contradictions and comments on the predictions of other users.

What is the ‘moment of truth’?

This is the moment when a prediction reaches its defined deadline. Whenever one of your predictions expires, you and all persons agreeing or disagreeing with it will receive a reminder via E-Mail (and on Twitter and Facebook) if you have set up your options accordingly.
By the way, this symbol marks active predictions:

Public and private predictions?

Predictions can be published as ‘public’ or ‘private’. Public predictions are fully accessible for all visitors of Kezera from the moment of publishing. Private predictions however don’t appear in the public area of the website and are saved under a especially long and random URL, of which initially only you are aware. You can then share this link with your friends and invite them to vote – without signing up for Kezera. Please keep in mind, that we have no influence on who will see your private prediction after you’ve shared the link with others.

I can’t agree or disagree on some predictions. Why?

You need a user account and have to be logged in to react on other users’ public predictions. (That doesn’t apply for private predictions.) If that’s the case and you still can’t agree or disagree, there are three possible reasons:
1. The prediction has reached its moment of truth.
2. You've already voted on this prediction.
3. It's one of your own predictions ;)

Can I leave a comment without voting?

No. You have to vote before you can add comments to a prediction.

Can I turn off the notifications?

Yes. You can set if and about which events you want to be informed by e-mail, on Twitter or on Facebook in the options of your account.

Can I shut down my accout?

Yes. You can close your user account in the settings under ‘Your profile’. Please note that closing your account is permanent and your username as well as your E-Mail-address cannot be used for a new registration on Kezera. All of your predictions and reactions will be anonymized after closing your account.

I have forgotten my password. Can you tell me?

Nope, we don’t know your password. But you can set up a new one here.

Something doesn’t work or looks broken.

If you encounter technical problems with Kezera, please let us know as accurately as possible via E-Mail or Twitter. We’ll try to help you asap.
If there are problems with the appearance of Kezera on your system, please make sure to use a modern web browser (in the most current version, if possible) and try again. If it still looks funny, please send us a screenshot together with your technical configuration via E-Mail. Thank you!

Any more questions?

We can’t think of any more questions right now. If you want to know something else, please ask us on Twitter or via E-Mail.