About Kezera

What is Kezera?

Whatever the subject may be: There are moments when you’re absolutely sure about what the future will bring. You then make statements like: »In one year from today, this won't be like that anymore.« Unfortunately, these statements are forgotten quickly and by all involved – which is a pity, especially when you actually end up being right.
This is where Kezera comes into play. No matter what the issue is – anytime you’re sure about any given outcome: Predict it on Kezera. You’ll love to be proven right. And to be reminded of it.

How does it work?

In writing your prediction, you also define when it will occur (at the latest). By clicking ‘Predict now!’, you publish your statement and simultaniously start a countdown. When the ‘moment of truth’ has come, you, and all persons who agreed or disagreed with you receive a reminder about your augur.
And if you connect Kezera to your Twitter or Facebook account, you can by request let your friends and followers know about your predictions, too.

Who’s behind it?

Max Tafelmayer

Max Tafelmayer

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